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Ramadan Ali Biography
Ramadan Ali (born approx. 1940) is the brother of boxer Muhammad Ali.

Ramadan, it could be said, was almost famous during Muhammad's career: His presence at Muhammad's activities made Ramadan sort of an omni-present person at Muhammad's committments.

Ramadan is seen on fight footage of virtually each of Muhammad's fights: With his brother, Ramadan travelled to such places as Congo (then Zaire), the Philippines, Germany, England, Canada, Japan, Puerto Rico and many (if not all) of the places where Muhammad fought at. He was also a common figure at Muhammad's press conferences and he played himself in the biographical movie The Greatest, where Muhammad also played himself.

According to that movie, it was Ramadan who drove Muhammad to a bridge on the afternoon in which Muhammad decided to throw the Olympic golden medal he had earned in Rome, Italy to a river, based on a racially charged incident inside a restaurant in the Alis' native Louisville, Kentucky.
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