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Damon Albarn Biography
Damon Albarn (born March 23, 1968) is a British vocalist who originally became famous in the mid-1990s with the rock band Blur. In recent years he has been on the music scene as a member of the Gorillaz.

Other Than Blur Discographi:

c - circa " " - song title italics - album title OST - original sound track The words in plain black represent the artist(s)/year. The year represents when the album was released, not necessarily the song, as some cds have been re-released. _______________ c1987 Two's A Crowd (Damon & Sam Vamplew) "Reck Me"/ "Let's Get Together"/ "Big Religion"/ "Can't Live Without You"/ "Since You've Been Gone"/ "Day 1"/ "Bitter Sweet"/ "Free The World"/ "Red Club"/ "China Doll"/ "Metro"/ "Who's Laughing Now"/ "Running"/ "Turn Your Love"/ "Help Me"

c1988 Damon (Solo demos) "This Is The World"/ "Fast Food"/ "Hippy Children"/ "That Must Be Me"/ "Black Rain Town"/ "One Day"/ "Wonderful"/ "I Met Her In A Hotel"/ "Jesus Christ"/ "Put Me To Bed"/ "Drive"/ "Heaven"/ "There I Go Again"

c1988 Circus (Damon, Graham, Dave, Eddie Deedigan and Dave Brolan) "Burden Of These Dreams"/ "Simple Sin"/ "Seal Requiem"/ "Black Rain Town"/ "Hippy Children"/ "Fast Food"/ "That Must Be Me"

c1988 Circus (Second Demo) "There She Goes"/ "Fountain Head"/ "Happy House"/ "Salvation"/ "Jane"/ "Burden of These Dreams"/ "Elizabeth"/ "She Said"/ "When I Close My Eyes"/ "Salvation"

c1989 Seymour (Demo) "Fed Up"/ "She's So High"/ "Here I Am"/ "Dizzy"/ "Fried"/ "Shimmer"/ "Sing (To Me)"

c1992 Damon Demos "Pleasant Education"/ "Pap Pop"/ "Singular Charm"/ "Beached Whale"/ "Death Of A Party"/ "Sunday Sunday"/ "Blue Jeans"

13 MAR 1994 Elastica, Elastica (appears as Dan Abnormal) "Car Song"/ "Indian Song"/ "Waking Up" (Keyboards/Songwriting)

13 OCT 1995 Terry Hall - Rainbows EP (CD2) "Chasing A Rainbow" (Songwriting)

13 OCT 1995 The Pretenders, The Isle Of View "I Go To Sleep" (Piano)

19 FEB 1996 Trainspotting "Closet Romantic" (OST)

1997 Ray Davies, This Is Where I Belong: The Songs Of Ray Davies & The Kinks "Waterloo Sunset" (Tribute)

09 JUN 1997 Matt Sharp & Dave Rowntree, Random-Vol.1: A Gary Numan Tribute "We Have A Technical" (Tribute)

06 OCT 1997 Terry Hall, Laugh "Room Full Of Nothing"/ "For The Girl" (Songwriting)

1998 Michael Nyman, 20th Century Blues "London Pride" (Tribute)

12 MAY 1998 Massive Attack, Singles 90/98 "Angel" (Remix with Graham Coxon)

12 OCT 1998 Thurston Moore, Root "101%" (Remix with Graham Coxon)

19 OCT 1998 Cornelius, FM Fantasma Remix "Star Fruits Surf Rider" (Remix/Vocals)

13 APR 1999 The Rentals, Seven More Minutes "Big Daddy C" (Backing Vocals)

09 MAR 1999 Michael Nyman, Ravenous "Hail Columbia"/ "Boyd's Journey"/ "Welcome To Fort Spencer"/ "Noises Off"/ "Stranger At The Window"/ "Colquhoun's Story"/ "Weendigo Myth"/ "Trek To The Cave"/ "He Was Licking Me"/ "The Cave"/ "Run"/ "Let's Go Kill That Bastard"/ "The Pit"/ "Cannibal Fantasy"/ "A Game Of Two Shoulders"/ "Checkmate"/ "Martha And The Horses"/ "Ives Torments Boyd And Kills Knox"/ "Savoursoulissa"/ "End Titles" (OST)

03 APR 2000 Elastica, The Menace (appears as Norman Balda) "Da Da Da" (Keyboards)

APR 1999 Ordinary Decent Criminal "One Day At A Time (With Robert "3D" Del Naja)"/ "Kevin On A Motorbike"/ "Bank Job"/ "Chase After Gallery"/ "Dying Isn't Easy" (OST)

17 OCT 2000 Deltron 3030, Deltron 3030 "Time Keeps On Slipping"/ "The State Of The Nation"/ "The Assman 640 Speaks" (Vocals)

28 MAY 2001 Einar Orn Benediktsson, 101 Reykjavik "101 Reykjavik Theme"/ "101 Reykjavik Theme Remixed by Emiliana Torrini"/ "Atlanta- Bath"/ "Journey Club- Frost"/ "Bar Beaten"/ "Bar Beaten (101 Terror City: Remixed by Curver)"/ "Flamenco Lola"/ "Shooting Gallery"/ "Suitcase"/ "Suitcase (101 Hangover: Remixed by Hoh)"/ "Bar Hip Hop"/ "Teapot"/ "Egill S- Teapot Mix"/ "Fireworks Organ"/ "New Year # 1"/ "New Year #1 Remixed by Banggang"/ "New Year # 2"/ "Glacier Memory"/ "Morning Beer"/ "University"/ "Dream Scene"/ "Stereo Blasting (Lola)"/ "Out Of Church"/ "Man's World"/ "Bar Fight"/ "Bar Fight Remixed by Minus"/ "Big Party"/ "Glacier"/ "Dub Lola"/ "Reykjavik2K Remixed by GusGus" (OST)

06 NOV 2001 Nathaniel Merriweather, Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By "Lovage (Love That Lovage, Baby)" (Vocals)

26 MAR 2001 Gorillaz, Gorillaz "Re-Hash"/ "5/4"/ "Tomorrow Comes Today"/ "New Genious (Brother)"/ "Clint Eastwood"/ "Man Research (Clapper)"/ "Punk"/ "Sound Check (Gravity)"/ "Double Bass"/ "Rock The House"/ "19-2000"/ "Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)"/ "Starshine"/ "Slow Country"/ "M1-A1"/ "Dracula"/ "Left Hand Suzuki Method"

2001 Gorillaz & D12 Featuring Terry Hall "911" (Listen Here)

13 AUG 2002 Marianne Faithful, Kissin' Time "Kissin' Time" (Backing Vocals)

12 DEC 2001 Gorillaz, G-Sides "19-2000 (Soulchild Mix)"/ "Dracula"/ "Rock The House"/ "The Sounder (Edit)"/ "Faust"/ "Clint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher Version)"/ "Ghost Train"/ "Hip Albatross"/ "Left Hand Suzuki Method"/ "12D3"

23 SEP 2002 Tony Allen feat. Damon Albarn + Ty, Home Cooking "Every Season" (Vocals/ Songwriting/ Banjo/ Melodica)

15 APR 2002 Damon Albarn & Friends, Mali Music "Spoons"/ "Bamako City"/ "Le Relax"/ "Nabintou Diakité"/ "Makelekele"/ "The Djembe"/ "Tennessee Hotel"/ "Niger"/ "4AM At Toumani's"/ "Institut National Des Arts"/ "Kela Village"/ "Griot Village"/ "Le Hobon"/ "Sunset Coming On"/ "Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia On River"/ "Les Ecrocs"

10 FEB 2003 Massive Attack, 100th Window "Small Time Shot Away" (Vocals)

21 JUL 2003 Terry Hall and Mushtak, The Hour Of Two Lights "Ten Eleven" (Vocals/ Songwriting)

08 SEP 2003 Nathan Haines, Squire For Hire "FM" (Vocals)

08 DEC 2003 Damon Albarn, Democrazy "I Need A Gun"/ "Reedz"/ "Half A Song"/ "Five Star Life"/ "Rappy Song"/ "Back To Mali"/ "I Miss You"/ "Hymn To Moon"/ "Desert"/ "Sub Species Of An American Day"/ "American Welfare Poem"/ "Saz Theory Book"/ "Gotta Get Down With The Passing Of Time"/ "End Of Democrazy" (10" vinyl)
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