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Ruben Aguirre Biography
Ruben Aguirre (born June 15, 1934) is a famous Mexican actor who is probably best remembered for his characterization of Profesor Jirafales, Dona Florindas love interest, in the Televisa children's television show, El Chavo del Ocho. Aguirre also participated in another famous children's television show of the era, El Chapulin Colorado, albeit somewaht less frequently.

Aguirre began his acting career in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, playing a character named Pipo and becoming popular in Monterrey.

Aguirre went on to Mexico City, where he worked on several television scripts with Chespirito, creator and main star of both El Chavo.. and El Chapulin... Chespirito noticed the tall, skinny figure of Aguirre and asked him to play Profesor Jirafales, to which Aguirre agreed. Aguirre was a personal friend of journalist Carlos Villagran, who later played Kiko in the same show and also acted in El Chapulin... During a party at Aguirre's house, he discovered Villagran, recommending him for the role of Kiko.

Ruben Aguirre gained much fame across Latin America when both El Chavo.. and El Chapulin.. became major international hits. The group of actors that comprised the casts of both shows toured often, and sometimes they would venture out on their own,. Aguirre was not the exception, visiting such places as Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Brazil many times.

Chespirito owns the rights to El Chavo del Ocho, El Chapulin Colorado and both shows' character names in Mexico, so after his participation in both shows was over, Aguirre moved to Argentina and opened a circus there. Since Chespirito does not have copyrights in Argentina, Aguirre was able to name his circus El circo del Profesor Jirafales.

Aguirre returned to Mexico in 2003. He returned after gaining an unspecified amount of weight, which has led to several media outlets to rumor about his health.
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