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Evaristo Abaco Biography
Evaristo Felice Dall' Abaco (July 12, 1675 - July 12, 1742) was an Italian composer and violinist.

Born in Verona and launching his musical career in Modena, in 1704 he joined the court of Maximilian II Emanuel, elector of Bavaria as Kammermusiker. Abaco was only a few months in Munich, when he was forced to flee with the court to Brussels, following Maximilian's defeat at the Battle of Blenheim. On Maximilian's restoration and return to Munich, in 1715, Abaco was appointed Concert-meister.

Published works
Opus 1: 12 Sonate da Camera, for violin and violoncello with accompaniment;
Opus 2: 12 Concerti a quattro da Chiesa;
Opus 3: 12 Sonate da Chiesa a tre;
Opus 4: 12 Sonate da Camera a violino e violoncello;
Opus 5 & 6: Concerti a piu Instrumenti (sic)
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